Kundalini is considered as the Divine energy that is the inherent feature of every human being. For most, it lies dormant and unutilized. Yoga Shastra says Kundalini lies in the Mooladhara (a point in the human body lying in between the reproductive organ and the anus) in the form of coiled serpent. This energy is the essence of the Primordial Power that constituted this Universe. So every Human possesses the entire Universe within him. But, ignorance has haunted the Human race for generations that many lives take birth and die without realizing this evident truth. For very few, Kundalini power gets awakened by natural means at some point of life that they get transformed into great speakers, musicians, poets, artists, writers, sports personalities and so on. Their natural charisma gets enhanced and their brain becomes more active. Whether they realize or not, it is the Kundalini power that makes things happen for them.

It is also possible to awaken the Kundalini power purposefully. Yoga paves way for this, either by the practice of some special types of Pranayama, Bandha or Kriya. But the best way is to get the Kundalini Energy aroused through a Spiritually Enlightened Master or Guru as he is commonly called. Traditionally for thousands of years, the Kundalini Awakening is initiated by a Guru after which it is enriched by the practice of regular meditation.

Physically, awakening of the Kundalini helps in proper functioning of all endocrine glands of the body, regulating their secretions, which will pave way for preventingand controlling diseases like diabetes, hyper/hypothyroidism, renal disorders, reproductive disorders in male and female and many more. It rejuvenates the nervous system and enables the harmonized flow of impulses. The brain cells get energized and the coordination between the left & right hemispheres becomes rhythmic. It enhances the cardiac health and prevents sudden arrests. The vision improves and the eyes become brighter. The digestive disorders vanish and excretion gets regularized. The Kundalini meditation relaxes the whole body and relieves fatigue and pain.

In mental and emotional plane, Kundalini Meditation controls Stress, anxiety, depression, fear and any other form of phobia and there by keeps a check on the occurrences of psychosomatic disorders. It helps to put the 6 negative factors viz. desire, anger, lust, miserliness, greediness and jealousy at bay. The negative impressions and instincts get warded off from the subconscious mind. The positive attributes like emotional stability, strong will power, single mindedness, enthusiasm etc enhance naturally. Also straightforwardness, moral values, ethical code of conduct and truthfulness surface from the blossomed mind which becomes the throne for true love, compassion and faith.

Intellectually, Kundalini meditation enhances creativity, clarity of thought, decisive power, rational thinking, parallel and lateral thinking, leadership power, logical superiority, talent growth, reasoning ability, dynamic thought process, piercing focus, thought – action coordination, learning ability and numerous brain related factors.

Spiritually, Kundalini once aroused from dormancy, activates the 7 main chakras (psychic centers) of the body, while rising from the Mooladhara (basal center) to Sahasrara (Crown) through Sushumna Nadi (Central Nervous system). Each Chakra has physiological and psychological significance and when activated, releases the corresponding benefits. When the psychological transformation happens due to the chakra activation, it has direct positive impact on the inner personality of a practitioner, thereby creating a profound change in his external personality and the world he is related to. The Kundalini energy felt in the Ajna (Forehead eye) enhances the intuitive and psychic powers of the practitioner. Kundalini activation of the crown chakra enables the reception of cosmic energy that flows into the body to create the Divine resonance. The regular practice of Kundalini Meditation opens the celestial gateway to establish a spiritual connection with the cosmic centre and eventually transforms the practitioner into a realized soul.

Kundalini Shakthi (Energy)  

   That energy which performs the triple fold function of Generation, Operation and Destruction of life,both animate and inanimate is called as the Kundalini Shakti.

Every system right from the smallest atom planets, galaxies and universe has this Energy at its core. In Every human being as well, this energy lies coiled in the Midbrain (Sahasrahara) as a pulse or pressure. This pulse or pressure is called as Meiunarvu or Divine vibration or Bio Magnetic energy. Kundalini Energy once realized lights up like a torch ultimately culminates in the attainment of SeIf-Realization and supreme consciousness.and dormant at the tip of the spine (Center of the body). When this energy operates through the Sympathetic and para Sympathetic nervous systems, it acts as the Energy for desire and action , when the same energy operates more through the Central nervous system, it manifests as wisdom called as Gnana Sakthi (Intelligence). This Kundalini energy can be clearly felt by the practioner after deeksha (focus/concentration) at the Forebrain (Ajna) and in the Midbrain (Sahasrahara) as a pulse or pressure. This pulse or pressure is called as Meiunarvu or Divine vibration or Bio Magnetic energy.  Kundalini Energy once realized lights up like a torch ultimately culminates in the attainment of SeIf-Realization and supreme consciousness.

Today we are indeed fortunate in having this simplified kundalini yoga system as devised by our great preceptor Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan, who had proved to the world, with his own life that married people could continue to lead their family life, their regular profession and at the same time attain knowledge of Self   realisation and Supreme Bliss.Mankind struggles for external power and wealth, little realizing that within ones own self lies the supreme power that is greater than anything else in the universe. This dormant power, within oneself when awakened by the Master, builds up the individual with self-confidence, courage, determination and finally moulds him into a super personality. This super personality an embodiment of health, wealth and happiness, one who is completely freed of all bondage's of ignorance and fear this is the long cherished goal of all human beings.

Kundalini Meditation

   Kundalini Meditation is the process of meditating on the one's own Kundalini (coiled energy) or Bio Magnetic energy. Kundalini energy or pristine cosmic energy is present everywhere and in human beings too. This energy is pure without duality. When focused, the impurities are cleansed resulting in supreme peace which is one's own natural state. Observing the Kundalini Energy or BioMagnetic Energy that arises in the forehead eye and tophead eye because of concentration or focusing is called kundalini meditation. One can observe after deeksha this is for 20 minutes in a session, once in the morning and evening. and can easily do all the daily activities and include this as another activity as the part of day to day life.