Kundalini Yoga Class

This class has been structured to practice for ALL from basic to advanced practioners. The classes are conducted by  volunteers (Certified Instructors) from Universal  Peace Foundation of North America (a non -profit org. for Kundalini Meditation and Yoga)

You will learn in this Kundalini yoga session

▲ Asanas/yoga postures  for  physical and mental well-being

▲ Pranayama/ Breathing techniques  for mind control

▲ Yoga Nidhra/ Relaxation for relieving stress

▲ Dhyana/ Kundalini Meditation for  higher  bliss and peace

▲ Kundalini Deeksha will be given after the class with the  practitioners request.

Day: Wednesdays  Time: 6 PM – 7:15 PM

Venue:  Social Hall, 13010 Arbor St  Omaha, NE 68144

Suggested donation: $5  per class  NEW-  Yearly/Monthly Yoga package 

Recommendations for the Kundalini Yoga class

  1. Please put away your shoes and coat at designated area.
  2. Please sign your name in the sing-in register as you enter the class (if in late, please remember to sign after the class).
  3. Keep your cell phone off during class sessions.
  4. Please arrive 3 to 5 min earlier to the class
  5. If you are new to this class and if you didn’t register it online,  please complete the Kundalini Yoga registration form in the class
  6. Please bring along your own blanket or yoga mat.
  7. Please seat in an order in the class, left side for women and right side for men
  8. The class starts at 6.00 PM and ends at 7.15 PM. Please be punctual to optimize the full session.
  9. Regular attendance will give a better understanding about Kundalini Yoga, please be regular.
  10. Please do not expect to get results within a day, Kundalini yoga practice will definitely bring about positive changes within you.
  11. Wear loose fitting Full Pants & Half/ Full shirt during practice sessions. (No shorts and sleeveless please)
  12. All questions are answered at the end of the class.
  13. If you want to consult with the instructors either before or after the class, please take an appointment prior to the class. This will allow the Instructors to manage their time attend to their other commitments
  14. The Kundalini deeksha will be given at the end of the class. If you are interested in learning the Kundalini Meditation, please let the instructor know.
  15. Suggested donation: $5  per class payable during  (All donations are tax deductible).   The tax deductible donations can be made by cash or check in the name of UPFNA, if you are paying by cash please indicate in the sign-in register your name and amount paid, we will send you a receipt.

Guidelines for Kundalini Yoga practitioners

To Be Observed

  • Asanas should be practiced early in the morning or in the evenings.
  • Practice asanas on an empty stomach. If your practice session is scheduled during the day or the evening, an interval of at least four hours should lapse after the last meal.
  • You can take food or meals approximately one hour after practice.
  • Wear loose clothes during practice sessions.Concentrate your mind in your forehead through out the yoga.
  • Before starting yoga, observe two minutes of kundalini energy in your meditation. Imagine your physical body is inside a pyramid.
  • This will  enable the mind to avoid unwanted thoughts and focus your kundalini energy during yoga. Daily practice essentials for fast progress.

To be Avoided

  • Avoid practicing if suffering from fever, diarrhea or any other acute condition.
  • During menstruation, asanas should not be practiced. Pregnant women should  only practice a few simple asanas under expert guidance
  • You may feel a slight pain when you first start practicing asanas. Do not worry, for within a week of regular practice the aches will disappear.
  • Perform the asanas according to your physical capacities. Don't practice to the point of fatigue.
  • If you perspire while practicing, do not wipe off the perspiration , let it evaporate.