Kids Yoga & Personality Development classes


Yoga is for everyone. Regardless of our age or stage, yoga meets us where we're at. For children, Yoga can help develop their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Their concentration can improve along with their ability to relax and feel calm, which helps them to cope with the conflict and stress of an increasingly hectic world.

More than being just great exercise, Yoga is a way of life that teaches Kids the ancient system of practice which focuses postures/asanas along with healthy food styles for the body, breathing & relaxation techniques for the mind, concentration exercises for the intellect and meditation for the soul. It encourages kids to play, connect more deeply with their inner self, and develop a receptive relationship to the natural world around them. It encourages self-esteem and body awareness, and fosters cooperation and compassion, instead of competition.

Yoga helps our little ones to explore the ethics of "Yamas" (healthy, loving attitudes & values) with teenagers learning to apply Yoga's ancient wisdom to modern-day life challenges. Teaches awareness in decision-making and choices where an internal compass could be challenged or compromised.

Through Yoga, children can discover how unique, worthy, and complete they are. They learn to care for their bodies with Yoga when they are young, and start developing healthy habits, which will serve them all lifelong.

Each Kid will get his/her own sequence structure to practice in the home.

Ongoing kids yoga  classes for 1st- 12th Grade   

Volunteer & Training opportunities are available for 8th grade & up students

Kids yoga class scheduele Aug 2019- May 2020

                                                              Recommendations for the Kids Yoga class

1. Dress Code:

  • Wear lose fitting clothes, preferably white 
  •  No Shorts, Sleeveless, Capri’s, tights
  • Try to avoid Zippers and big buttons in the Shirts & Pants.

2. For Girls:  Try to comb your hair  & put knots in the  hair. (Avoid big hairpins, clips & big bangles)

3. Food: Don’t eat heavy food before you come to the class, but eating light foods like a glass of milk or snacks won't disturb you in the class. At least 3 hr interval is needed for a regular meal

4. Please make sure that your home and cell numbers are up to date - including the area code

5. The kids needs to arrive 5 to 10 min earlier to the class and also picked by 5 to 10 min after the class is over                                                                                                              

1. Suggested Donation:(Aug 2019- May 2020 , approx  35- 38 classes)

  1.   BEFORE  July 25th, 2019:  Individual $375 and siblings $305 (Please mail the check to UPFNA, PO Box 540882, Omaha NE – 68154
  2.   AFTER  July 26th, 2019:   Individual $410 and siblings $345  (Payments accepted only through online)
  3.  New students joining during the middle of the year can make the payments through check(Only first time is accepted)

 2.  New students

One time registration fee for new students: $30 (includes the UPFNA logo T-shirt & pants)(choose your size  here)

New students joining during the middle of the year: The amount will be prorated (Call 402-218-2054 before you make payment)

3. Class cancellation

If UPFNA cancels the class / or if you miss the class (due to illness or unavoidable circumstances), the makeup class will be determined by the student instructor.  

4. Makeup class

UPFNA does not guarantee a makeup class unless you miss the class due to illness or unavoidable circumstances.Maximum of 5 make up classes/semester are allowed.

5.Change assigned day/time

We cannot change assigned day/time of the yoga class during the middle of the session (Aug--May).

6. Vacation

Please let the instructor know four weeks prior to the absence. The fees will be carried over to next billing cycle.



Please give at-least 4 weeks advance notice before quitting the class to receive full refund for the remaining classes. If not, the refund will be for the remaining classes less one month from the date of notification.

8. Absent

If the student is absent for 4 classes without any notice, they will be dis-enrolled and lose their spot in the class. If you wish to rejoin, you must re-registerand a spot may not be immediately available as there is usually a waiting list for most of the classes. Notify your absence by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the name of the student, usual class time and date(s) of absence

10. Inclement Weather: We will follow the Millard Public School calendar for weather related cancellations. Students are encouraged to attend a different class in that week or the following week to make up for the lost class

11. Volunteer & Training opportunities are available for 8th grade & up students, please contact us if you are interested

12. Yoga test & Advanced yoga

We are planning to introduce some yoga tests for the kids to complete before they move on to the next stage in yoga . The kids will be required to take a pretest on Dec and a final test on May to move on to further stages. We are also planning for a Advanced yoga practice class and practice session for yoga competitions. We will be providing more details about this by first week of August 2019

13. Kids Yoga Day Celebration: May 9th, 2020 (Tentative)


 Questions: Contact 402-218-2054


Venue & Time

Venue: 13501, A St, Omaha, 68144

Day:  Monday
Time: 3:40 pm to 4.40 pm( 6th & 7th Grade)
          5.20 pm to 6.20 pm(1st to 3rd Grade)
          5.20 pm to 6.20 pm ( 5th to 8th Grade)
          6.25 pm to 7.25 pm (3rd to 6th Grade)
Day:  Wednesday
Time: 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm (1st to 4th Grade)
         6.05 pm to 7.05 pm  (2nd to 6th Grade)
Day:  Friday
Time: 4:15 pm to 5.15 pm(4th-7th Grade)
          4.15 pm to 5.15 pm(1st to 3rd Grade)
          5.20 pm to 6.20 pm ( 3rd to 5th Grade)
          6.25 pm to 7.25 pm( 5th to 8th Grade)
 Day: Sunday 
 Time: 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm ( 9th Grade and up)